November 22nd, 2015


Potions are single use items that can be drank or thrown and will either apply a new magic, poison, or disease effect, or removes one or more of these effects when used.

Potions have a power level, or potency modifier, that ranges from 0 to 5 and determines how powerful the potion's effect is. Diluted potions have a potency modifier of 0 or 1, regular potions have a potency modifier of 2 or 3, and potent potions have a potency modifier of 4 or 5.

Some of the following potion descriptions use X instead of (potency modifier or 1, whichever is higher). For example, if an effect's duration is XD6 x 10 turns and the potency modifier is 3, the effect lasts for 3D6 x 10 turns. Potions that cause disease effects have disease power level of X / 2 rounding down.

Poisons can be applied on the main hand weapon and it is done automatically if the owner knows the contents of the potion and uses it. The potency of applied poisons is calculated by adding together the existing potency from the weapon (0 in most cases) and the new potency from the potion and dividing the result by 2 and rounding down. Therefore, the maximum potency after three applications of the most potent poison is 4:

Applied poison potency: (0 + 5) / 2 = 2, (2 + 5) / 2 = 3, (3 + 5) / 2 = 4.

Poisons applied on weapons diminish in potency when the effects are applied on a target creature. Each application lowers the potency by 1. When the potency reaches 0 and the effect is applied again, the poison wears off.

Potion of Antidote

    Removes X poison and or disease effects.

Potion of Awareness

    Teaches Keen Eye talent for X x 1000 turns.

Potion of Blindness

Potion of Burning

    Causes XD6 points of fire damage and sets the target on fire for D6 + X turns.

Potion of Charming

Potion of Confusion

Potion of Deafness

Potion of Death

Potion of Draining

Potion of Energy

    Restores X points of energy and applies a magical effect for XD6 x 10 turns that allows the creature to re-roll failed energy regeneration checks.

Potion of Healing

    Restores XD6 points of health and 1 lost ability point and applies a magical effect for XD6 x 10 turns that allows the creature to re-roll failed health regeneration checks.

Potion of Holy Water

    Causes XD6 points of magic damage to daemons and undeads and has a chance to instantly kill them.

Potion of Insight

    Applies a magical effect for XD6 x 10 turns that allows the creature to identify items just by picking them up.

Potion of Leeching

Potion of Literacy

Potion of Paralysis

Potion of Sickness

    Applies Dungeon Fever and X other disease effects for XD6 x 10 turns (see Diseases).

Potion of Silencing

Potion of Sleeping

Potion of Slowness

Potion of Swiftness

Potion of Troll Blood

    Grants regeneration and makes the imbiber vulnerable to fire for XD6 x 10 turns.

Potion of Willpower

Potion of Wolf Form