June 7th, 2010


Enchants have two different effects, one for weapons and one for armour. Some enchants have only one listed effect and it applies to both weapons and armour. Most weapons and pieces of armour can have only one enchant. Enchants may be replaced by new enchants but every time an enchanted item is enchanted again (by the player), there is a small chance that the item will break.

Resistance enchants placed on armour increase resistance against regular hits. Resistance enchants placed on helmets increase resistance critical hits. Resistance enchants placed on shields, amulets, and rings, increase resistance against regular and critical hits.

Weapon enchants with a chance component have a 1/3 chance (D6 roll of 5 or 6) of the effect taking place.

Mark of Agility

Mark of Charisma

Mark of Stamina

Mark of Strength

Seal of Blinding

Seal of Charming

Seal of Confusion

Seal of Deafening

Seal of Draining

Seal of Knocking

Seal of Leeching

Seal of Morphing

Seal of Paralysis

Seal of Silencing

Seal of Sleeping

Seal of Slowing

Sigil of Curse

Sigil of Disease

Sigil of Poison

Sign of Fire

Sign of Frost

Sign of Shock

Symbol of Death

Symbol of Fear

Symbol of Life

Symbol of Light

Symbol of Luck

Symbol of Might

Symbol of Power

Symbol of Vigor


Runes become available after you wish for more power. Runes are very rare single use random drops that allow you to add third enchant to a blessed item with two existing enchants. Once the third enchant is added, any further enchants applied at the Wizard's Guild are random (there is no multiple choice option available).

Runes have matching names to the enchants above and they add the respective enchant on an item, e.g. Rune of Power adds Symbol of Power on an item.

And then there's the exception that makes the rule. There is one rune that doesn't work like other runes and it is shown below.

Rune of the Imp

Legendary Effects

Legendary effects become available after you have unlocked runes and taken care of some swamp creatures. One legendary effect can be imbued on a legendary weapon when the weapon is equipped in the main hand and the imbuement conditions are met (the conditions remain secret for now, at least until they have been unlocked by players in Steam).

Cheesy Musk

Death Proof


Hateful Aura

Leap of Faith



Orbus Bomba

Zombie Dog