November 28th, 2023

Change log 2.22 (230715) -> 2.23 (231115)

Here's the full list of changes:

- Cheesed perk now buffs agility and strength when consuming cheese.
- Adrenalin perk haste threshold is now 50% health instead of 33%.
- Sixth sense tells if there's any monsters after entering a level.
- Sixth sense also shows blessed status on unidentified items.
- All types of raw fish and shrooms can now be cooked.
- Added a heritage that allows all shrooms to be used with shroom grenade.
- Fixed a bug with damage and snare difficulty scaling of player set traps.
- Fixed a bug that caused your friends to zap you with wands and scrolls.
- Added a new trap type, caltrops, that can suppress your desire to move.
- Added some heritages that improve the Trap Master talent.
- Fixed a bug with ranged NPC equip when their bow had broken at some point.
- Fixed a bug that gave Woof too much xp when spawned with the collar.
- Wizards' Guild enchanting was improved for legendary items.
- Added a void altar upgrade in your hideout.
- Added hideout levels 37-48.

July 10th, 2023

Change log 2.21 (230531) -> 2.22 (230715)

Here's the full list of changes:

- Fixed a card game discard bug that led to the game getting stuck.
- Added a new event boss to unlock hard mode card game.
- Card game now shows tooltips on the status and intent icons.
- Added 12 new hideout levels and related heritages.
- Added a 256 item cap and food item decaying.
- Changed dungeon generation to always create 3 level dungeons.
- Scrap pouch transmutes schematics into gold coins when all are known.
- Known cards turn to dust when you pick them up.
- Bestial and Abyssal charms can no longer be identified accidentally.
- Fixed "need to unequip" bug when quick stashing stacked items such as coins.
- Fixed a drawing bug when a boulder was pushed over a summoning circle.
- Unfinished amulet can now take as many fangs as you want to collect.

May 26th, 2023

Change log 2.20 (230331) -> 2.21 (230531)

Here's the full list of changes:

- Added a new quest that requires some friends.
- Added a new player requested curio vendor item.
- Added a shortcut to stash items in the bag when looting.
- Added micro managing of individual friends to focus action.
- Added some fixes to the Chinese localization. Thanks Cloud Wu.
- Added some heritages for micro managing friends.
- Terrain altering no longer work during encounters or quests.
- Blessed scroll effects should now work correctly.
- Tasks should now register when buying or crafting using drag and drop.
- Poisons can bow be applied to weapons if they are known or identified.
- Lucky Number Seven now automatically loots gold coins under your feet.
- Silent Move now mentions that it must be used for double damage.
- F1 key can now be used to show the editor buttons in Linux.
- Default refresh rate is now 60 instead of 30.
- Updated Unity to the latest LTS version.

March 29th, 2023

Change log 2.19 (221215) -> 2.20 (230331)

Here's the full list of changes:

- Blessed scrolls can be used twice now.
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to set hotkeys with a controller.
- Fixed a bug with wands that made them too valuable.
- Wand of scripting can now improve the quality of the copied scroll.
- Certain wands can no longer have higher than 0 mastery.
- Certain scrolls can no longer have higher than 0 mastery.
- Added honey as a food item (and mead recipe for infinite flask).
- Added bookworm, leaves and glowfly as food items (and potion recipes for infinite flask).
- Added 8 new mushroom food items (and potion recipes for infinite flask).
- Added 4 infinite flask ability potion recipes for certain fish items.
- Changed infinite flask tomato recipe from energy to troll blood.
- Changed infinite flask onion recipe from blindness to awareness.
- Changed infinite flask blood cap recipe from confusion to leeching.
- Mushroom patches now spawn all kinds of mushrooms, not just blood caps.
- Treemen now have all kinds of mushrooms, not just death caps.
- All uncooked mushrooms are now allowed for One Strange Trip heritage.
- Death cap now functions just like any other mushroom (safer to eat).
- Most mushrooms now ignore poison resistance when eaten.
- Added content for Hideout DLC.

There will be a new addition to the game called Hideout DLC on April 10th. It gives the player a hideout and a bunch of new things to unlock.

At launch there are 24 progress levels for the hideout that unlock all kinds of things. This is the progress screen that you can access by talking to your interior decorator and it will become very familiar during "The Grind".

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