May 27th, 2020

Change log 2.02 (200501) -> 2.02 (200531)

- Certain random levels such as mazes are now limited to small map size.
- Added a new talent that can be learned by drinking a Cursed Potion of Literacy (*).
- Added a new heritage related to this new talent.
- Changed graphics setting from "super-duper-high-quality-for-no-good-reason" to "high-quality".

The graphics quality setting of the game engine was apparently set to bananas and by setting it a little lower two things should happen on most computers: it should run smoother and it should run cooler (fans should make less noise etc).

(*) Note that it's been possible to bestow curses on items for quite some time now and it hasn't been mentioned anywhere (whoopsie, the secret is out now).

Oh, and if you do drink one of them potions, try to have one extra talent point because one of your talents is forgotten and if you don't have a spare talent point, your build could go horribly wrong. At the same time make sure you do have at least one talent known because the potion does not work unless it can remove a talent.

April 30th, 2020

Change log 2.02 (200416) -> 2.02 (200501)

- Added a tip of the day to remind about /mrgsteam command.
- Removed some other tips of the day that were no longer relevant.
- Added a new tutorial entry that tells about the chat button.
- Added visual aids for some tutorial entries that shows where to click.
- Fixed a bug that prevented some tutorials to trigger at the earliest possible time.
- Changed the "rest / use stairs" mouse click area over the player (see the image below).
- Mouse cursor now changes slightly when it is near the player to hilite the click area.
- Added a touch screen user interface for mobile devices with 4:3 resolution (rhymes with my pad).
- Added a new implementation of the game manual for said mobile devices.
- Fixed a typo in one of the failed rest action texts.
- Repelling Smite no longer attempts to push back corpses.

I know that UI changes can be annoying and mouse is accurate enough to hit the player without the extra space around. If this change makes it too annoying to play with a mouse, I'll change it back or add an option to use either. At the moment I'm just trying to find a balance between mouse and touch UI and try to keep the code purdy.

April 16th, 2020

Change log 2.02 (200414) -> 2.02 (200416)

- Ctrl + left click now stores all gold coins in the player's inventory.
- Fixed a bug with the enchant window that made the choices invisible.

April 13th, 2020

Change log 2.02 (200408) -> 2.02 (200414)

- Added Chinese translations for 2.02 texts.
- Changed /presteam command to only work in normal difficulty.
(sorry about that mr. future ingame boss themed around casual old fart)

April 8th, 2020

Change log 2.01 (200308) -> 2.02 (200408)

- Added a new quest and achievements related to it.
- Added a new shapeshifting talent and heritages related to it.
- Added support for 3:2 screen resolutions (1920 x 1280 and up).
- Fixed some particle effect scaling issues in various resolutions.
- Fixed a spellbook refresh issue with amulets and bound spells.

April 7th, 2020

Something bad is coming your way...

When you are stuck behind four walls for a month and the world has gone full bananas, this is what comes out of it. Looking at the bright side, 2.02 is right around the corner with some new content for The Hoard DLC owners.

March 8th, 2020

Change log 2.01 (200307) -> (200308)

- Winter Helm should now show the correct graphics.
- Fixed mouse right-click handling over effects, health bar and status bar.

March 7th, 2020

Change log 2.01 (200228) -> (200307)

- Dragonhide Helm is now the only closed helmet with +3 max cast modifier.
- Bear traps, spike traps and spiked pits can now also cause dungeon fever.
- Added a new base game heritage to lower the chance of being infected by said traps.

February 28th, 2020

Change log 2.01 (200222) -> (200228)

- Added forced save after buying, selling, stashing or fetching of items.
- Added mouse motion cursor handling to buff/debuff icons and health bar.

February 22nd, 2020

Change log 2.01 (200220) -> (200222)

- Added some exceptions to heritages in heroic mode (tutorial, shirts, stash boxes).
- Fixed mouse item selection with Infinite Flask and Scribe's Tools.

February 19th, 2020

Change log 2.01 (200212) -> (200220)

- Fixed an indexing bug with blessed Arcane, Bestial and Abyssal tomes.

February 10th, 2020

Change log 2.01 (200116) -> (200212)

- Ranged weapons are now automatically equipped when looting if you have matching arrows equipped.
- Chat console can now be brought up with the mouse by clicking on the bottom left of the combat log.
- Inventory and loot windows should now have only one item cursor visible at a time.
- Enchant window now updates the loot tip window when shown.
- It's now possible to discard items with drag-and-drop when trading in town.
- Arcane spell learning should now work as it was intended (third time's the charm).

January 15th, 2020

Throwing away DLC beta keys...

So, if you remember being added in the game as a side quest or encounter boss, throw some spam to support at epixx dot org and you'll get to break the game early. It's been a while since the original beta and I'm not sure if those emails work anymore.

The new bosses in the DLC are called Balthar (Beltar...), Ch'Ri and Skaldir. Throw some spam or contact through Steam and I'll try not to dismiss all.

January 10th, 2020

Another year, another video...

Happy New Year!

The release date for Rogue's Tale - The Hoard DLC is February 20, 2020 and here's a short video how to unlock two of the five stash boxes that come in it.

Most players have already done this and they will have those two boxes unlocked when they enter the town. This video is meant as a reminder or tutorial how it can also be done (casual mode for the win).

It's the first narrated video I've ever made and unfortunately I used a simple headset so sound quality may not be the best ever.

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