May 12th, 2015


The 2D6 System

The Abilities






Damage Auras

    Coming in 1.11

    Creatures can have auras that cause damage to all adjacent creatures at the end of turn. Alternatively auras can heal adjacent creatures if both source and target creatures have the same aura. The base damage and healing caused by an aura is D3 + Stamina Modifier.

    If a creature with an aura is a monster, the radius of the aura is 2 instead of 1 and the base damage and healing is multiplied by 1.5 if the target creature is adjacent to the monster.

    Creatures with an aura are completely immune to damage and secondary effects of the damage type of the aura (e.g. fire, frost, shock, etc), and auras do not trigger secondary effects unless the target is vulnerable to the damage type of the aura.

    Note that auras hit automatically and do not cause critical hits, and the resistance value used is the average of the body and head slots combined and rounded down.

Hunger & Thirst

Turn Sequence

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