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October 6th, 2021

Change log 2.09 (210827) -> 2.10 (211001)

Here's the full list of changes:

- Updated to the latest 2021 version of Unity.
- Updated to the latest version of Steamworks.NET.
- Updated to the latest XCode and iOS build target.

August 27th, 2021

Change log 2.08 (210615) -> 2.09 (210827)

Here's the full list of changes:

- Added trollish bloodline.
- Added rune crafting and some fluff.
- Shadowstep works with amulet of seven keys now.
- Wildfire no longer douses lit torches.
- Buffered works with levitation now.
- Fixed some typos in grail use descriptions.
- Fixed a missing repaint when returning schematics.

June 15th, 2021

Change log 2.07 (210531) -> 2.08 (210615)

Here's the full list of changes:

- Added Draconic bloodline.
- Fixed a bug that prevented using stairs with right mouse button.
- Fixed a bug that prevented arcane spells from being reflected.
- Fixed a bug that prevented some wands from being reflected.

May 17th, 2021

Change log 2.06 (210319) -> 2.07 (210531)

Here's the full list of changes:

- Scroll of Enchanting now costs 40 gold coins instead of 80.
- Fixed two separate coin looting bugs that happened while having a full inventory.
- Scroll of Knowledge should now print the name of the scroll it makes known.
- Scroll of Knowledge now correctly teaches knowledge about a tome instead of spell.
- Changed text color to highlight whenever player learns or forgets about a knowledge.
- Wand of Scripting can no longer duplicate blank scrolls.
- Fixed a bug that printed about lost friends when creating a new character.
- Added a secret bag recipe and a challenge for some legendary bolts.
- Added feathers as a stackable junk item.
- Fixed a bug where AI thinks it can charge when it actually can't.
- Fixed a bug where resolution change led to client being modified error message.
- Fixed a bug that prevented some creatures from attacking if the player didn't see them.
- Fixed a bug that crashed the game when trying to enter the last level of Crumbling Abyss.
- Fixed a bug that made creature animations flicker when they moved or attacked.
- Fixed a bug that made Sweeping Blow change the animation target.
- Miscasts can now damage conduit weapons in addition to other effects.
- Potion of Healing now heals for X x 10% + XD6 instead of XD6 (*).
- Disabled player made maps from being added to the custom map pool (whoops).
- Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented using cursor actions (e.g. charge).
- Fixed a bug that allowed charging enemies that were in the fog of war.
- Corners can no longer be targeted using the target cursor (square -> octagon).
- Fixed a bug that crashed the game when the player died in dingbat form.
- Changed demonrat from strength based melee to agility based melee.
- Most action sounds made while shapeshifted now play creature move sound instead.
- Hateful Aura's radius is now 4 for non-monsters (used to be 8).
- Humans are now hostile towards shapeshifted creatures.
- Purple wizard staff now correctly teaches Release Soul.
- Added Bloodlines DLC data.

(*) All percentage based values use the relevant maximum value, e.g. max health.

March 21st, 2021

Change log 2.05 (210131) -> 2.06 (210319)

Here's the full list of changes:

- Scroll of Ender card should no longer exhaust another random card.
- Added disoriented status effect that prevents casting teleport spells.
- All teleport effects now cause you to become disoriented for a while.
- Item trade, repair, enchant and identify costs have been changed.
- Highscores are reset again due to the changes. server changes:

- Server highscores have been reset.
- Existing characters cannot trigger the win screen by looting the crown.
- Version 2.06 or newer is now required to login to the server.

March 10th, 2021

Server is back up...

There was an "unscheduled upgrade" on the game server and I wasn't aware of that (bad timing to have a break from checking server status for a couple of days). Everything should be up and running now.

January 23rd, 2021

Change log 2.04 (201031) -> 2.05 (210131)

Here's the full list of changes:

- Changed the color of combat log status effect strings to make them more visible.
- Infinite Flask can now be used with all 1x1 sized food items.
- Arcanist in the Market Square now always has an additional blank scroll or an empty potion.
- Added 4 new crafting materials (Core of Fire, Water, Air and Earth).
- These elemental cores also function as grenades when thrown.
- Added arrows and bolts crafting tabs to Leo's Workshop and 12 new schematics.
- Added 2 new crafting heritages.
- Fixed a number of localized Chinese texts.
- Added two new legendary weapon recipes for the transmutation bag (Requires The Hoard DLC).
- Fixed several Multi Shot bugs and it no longer uses arrows directly from the inventory.
- Cursed Scroll of Time Warp no longer resets the turn counter and it just resets your talents.
- Fixed some key handlers that allowed actions to be used while various windows were shown.
- Replaced male order sound with a three different ones to give some variety.
- Replaced placeholder female charge, order and push sounds with something else.
- Talking to Woof now removes bleeding, burning and Deadly Poison effects or heals it.
- Added a new huge boss, quest and heritage (remember to bring your Fluffy Rabbit's Foot).
- The King, Gurmur and the new boss are now immune to Deadly Ghoul Tooth and the Equalizer.
- Gurmur and the new boss must be killed in order to start the final quest.
- Retreating from either of the required boss levels means that you lose the game.
- Repelling Smite now correctly repels only adjacent creatures instead of all visible creatures.
- Various summoning spells now cause exhaustion that prevents further summoning for a while.
- Enslave Daemon now shows the health bar of the target daemon while it is enslaved.
- Spirit wolves and fire wurms now have a small light radius.
- Allowed a few more heritages to be unlocked on casual and heroic difficulties.
- Heritage selection in character creations is now saved for the next time.
- Sign Language talent now works while silenced.
- Hail the Pooch heritage now works while silenced but only if Woof is your only friend.
- Darkseers now come equipped with a Scroll of Polymorph.
- Huge bosses can no longer be confused, charmed, chilled, cursed, paralyzed, shocked or stunned.
- Huge bosses can now attack up to 3 spaces away from their center.
- Swarms are now immune to everything else other than being set on fire.
- All monsters and multiple creatures that are summoned now have a 1 turn stun effect.
- Added King Indivis the Fair as a statue in the Forstmourn Keep.
- He becomes less static in the undead phase and may even have some friends.
- Fixed an AI bug that allowed immobile creatures to swim or move towards levers.
- Fixed an AI bug that prevented certain spells from being used.
- Fixed an AI bug that prevented creatures from attacking bosses.
- Added Champion of Frostmourn and Hero of Frostmourn statuses.
- Wand of Bloodletting duration has been reduced by 80%.
- Wand of Torture damage has been nerfed by 50%.
- Manual has been updated the with the wand changes above.
- Critical casts with Spirit Wolves, Abyssal Grasp and Dancing Weapons will now befriend them.
- It is now much easier to summon daemon at higher levels (enslaving it is still just as hard).
- Fixed an AI bug that allowed animals etc. to equip weapons.
- Fixed a disarm bug that resulted to animals losing their claws and trying to find new weapons.
- Stashing, fetching and discarding gold coins should now update the status text in town. server changes:

- Server highscores have been reset.
- Your personal highscores will be reset when you die or retire the next time.
- Existing characters cannot trigger the win screen by looting the crown.
- Version 2.05 or newer is now required to login to the server.

Steaming hot fix number 1:

- Elemental cores can now be remotely stored using Soulhunter's Bag.
- Fixed status effect icons in Shrine of Nibar and Fubar.
- Fixed a bug with Infinite Flask when using plums.
- Fixed a bug that made self cast arcane spells print on the log twice.

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